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Ergonomics of computer work

Ergonomics of computer work

Ergonomics of computer work

Here are 7 of our suggestions on how to work better in front of your computer.

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If you have to work long hours in front of a computer, we recommend you buy your own or have your employer buy you a comfortable computer chair. A good-quality computer chair should definitely have wheels for easy movement to and from the desk. It also ensures that the floor does not scratch. It just stays clean and beautiful. We recommend buying a computer chair from a shop where you can immediately try out the comfort of sitting on it. When moving around in a computer chair, the armrests should fit under the computer desk. This is a good thing, because then your posture won't be slouched. Be sure to observe the sitting position. Your head should rest against the headrest and your back against the backrest at the same time. The computer chair should be high or low enough so that you can look directly at the computer screen.

High quality computer desk in the office

The computer desk must not creak. When buying a computer desk, make sure that the computer chair you buy with it fits under the desk with the armrests. This means that you don't have to bend over when working on the computer because your arm cannot rest on the desk. In addition, it is uncomfortable to work with the keyboard and mouse when the chair is far away from the desk. In addition, when you buy a computer desk, you should think about making sure that all the equipment you need fits neatly. For example, a mouse pad, mouse, dock or an adapter for connecting additional devices.

Breaks while working on the computer

Take breaks while working. Every 20 minutes, you could look at the screen from a distance of twenty seconds. Be sure to include blinking. In addition, get up from your chair once an hour. Walk around the office or room for a while. Do some full-body circuits.

Good office lighting

The room should have good, even lighting. If all the numbers and sentences are clearly visible on the screen, you don't need to strain your eyes. A ceiling lamp or light source should not reflect on the computer monitor. Reflection also tires the eyes.

Fresh air indoors

Definitely good and fresh air. In a room with good ventilation, workers will not tire. You'll be able to complete your projects efficiently. In addition to good, fresh air, you won't consume a lot of coffee. No headaches either.

Drinking water

Drinking water constantly. Water boosts physical performance. Plus, your head won't hurt as often. If your legs cramp up you may be dehydrated. We recommend that you make drinking water a good habit. You can add mint or lemon to the water to improve or add flavour.

Blue light glasses or computer glasses

Use of computer glasses when in front of a monitor. The blue light from the monitor is harmful and tires you out when working on the computer. Computer glasses have a filter inside that blocks harmful blue light from your computer screen. Harmful blue light makes you tired and gives you headaches. In addition, when you work on your computer in the evening, wearing these glasses will help you sleep shorter and get deeper sleep. Optometrists are already recommending blue-light glasses to all their customers in eyewear shops.

We can offer you blue light glasses with zero lenses, reading glasses with different strengths and with blue light protection already added. For a better preservation of your computer glasses, we strongly recommend you to add a cleaning solution and a cleaning cloth. In addition, to keep the lenses of your glasses clean at all times, it's worth buying glasses cleaner.

These were points on ergonomics when working with computers. There are certainly more tips and tutorials. I hope you found something new or rediscovered some old knowledge.

If you are interested in blue light glasses then see Click here. If you are interested in reading glasses with blue light protection see Click here. In addition, you can find a useful article about our glasses in the Postimees. here. Ergonomics in computer work will definitely help you achieve better results in your work.

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