Reading glasses with blue light protection Lily


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Reading glasses with blue light protection Lily

Benefits of blue light protection in reading glasses

  • Reduces headache
  • Clearer colors when working in front of a computer
  • It's easier to fall asleep at night because there is less irritation on the eyes.
  • In addition, you can spend more time in front of the screen because your eyes don't get tired so quickly.

Reading glasses with blue light protection Lily instructions for use

  • Store the glasses in the glasses case with the lenses facing upwards;
  • Keep the glasses inside the glasses case with the glasses facing up; Clean the glasses only with the glasses cleaning agent and glasses cleaning cloth provided for this purpose;
  • Put the glasses on and take the glasses from the front by holding the temples with both hands.
  • Reading glasses are manufactured in accordance with EU regulation 2017/745.
  • Complies with European Union standard EN 14139.

All our reading glasses have the CE mark. Reading glasses meet the environmental protection, health and safety requirements of the EEA.

Dimensions of reading glasses

Here you can find the measurements of this pair of glasses. If you are in two minds, feel free to write to us and we will measure once more.

A 13,6 cm, B 5,7 cm, C 1,3 cm, D 4 cm, E 14 cm.

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